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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Merry Christmas Target

Many of you have probably heard about the fiasco surrounding the decision by Target, made earlier this year, to exclude any solicitors from approaching any guests patronizing Target Stores. This decision was made, in all likelyhood, with much thought about the consequences.

Target has been a good corporate citizen, donating many millions of $ each year to a variety of worthy causes. As a long term guest of Target, and yes, I enjoy shopping there, I have a suggestion for Target. Why doesn't Target make a donation to the Salvation Army in the amount of $10,000,000. This would offset any losses that the Salvation Army is reporting because they are not able to canvass in front of Target. It would also demonstrate that Target does care, about what its guests want (not to be bothered by a lot of people asking for money, signatures, etc while I am trying to shop), while caring for the less fortunate ...

If you agree with this, please send an email to guest.relations@target.com. Let them know that you would support a donation to the Salvation Army as a way to resolve this issue and move on to a more pleasant issue, like what the heck are we going to get our parents for Christmas this year?