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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

What's Good for the Goose

It seems like anytime there is an organization that has been established for many years, and that organization is male only, some do gooding organization comes along to break the "barrier" to equality to admit women. So it must come as a shock that there are still 64 women's only colleges. The Board of Trustees for Wells College in Aurora, NY has voted to admit men in the Fall of 2005. Two female students of Wells have filed suit to keep the school women only.

You might be surprised to hear me admit this, but I say, more power to the women! If women choose to attend a single sex institution or organization, I say that is great. I respect their decision and agree with their right to keep the tradition alive. In the same light, I hope that the same respect will be shown to men's only organizations, such as the Boy Scouts, Augusta National Golf Club, and others.

What are your thoughts?