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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Connect the Dots...

The independent panel investigating the authenticity of the Killian Memos after looking at an analysis from recognized Typewriter expert Peter Tytell, concluded the following:

"Although his [Tytell] reasoning seems credible and persuasive, the Panel does not know for certain whether Tytell has accounted for all alternative typestyles that might have been available on typewriters during that era." (Refer to Appendix 4 of the report, pg 7, footnote 16)

So, because some one some where could have hand cast and manufactured their own daisywheel without the knowledge of the foremost typewriter expert in the world, the panel cannot conclusively assess the authenticity of the Killian Memos.

This sounds like nothing more than a week argument put forth by lawyers, carrying out their fiduciary responsibility to their clients to provide legal counsel.

Who paid for the “independent panel”? CBS.
What are the professions of the authors? Lawyers.
Who are lawyers obligated to protect? Their clients.
Connect the dots.