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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kevin James Hannaford

Born: Oct 8, 1968 - Brooklyn, NY
Died: Sep 11, 2001 - New York, NY

Married: Apr 4, 1997
to wife Eileen McGinley Hannaford
Patrick James Hannaford - Born 1997
Kevin James Hannaford, Jr. - Born 2002

Occupation: Commodities Broker -
TradeSpark, a divison of Cantor Fitzgerald.

Passion: His family and friends.

Kevin was many things to many people. He was a respected athlete, good friend, respected collegue, brother, cousin, son, uncle, husband, and father to two sons.

He is remembered by many for his infectuous smile and sense of humor. I think that you can almost feel that in this image of him. He shared his positive, upbeat attitude with those around him and it rubbed off. Even after he has been gone, his smile still brings happiness to those left behind.

His focus in life was not in himself, but standing in the background, basking in the glow of others accomplishments. His pride was in his loving wife, his eldest son, his namesake son whom he never knew personally, his family and his friends.

Kevin was a gifted athlete. He enjoyed snow skiing, swimming, soccer, and lacrosse. Kevin was a great and valued friend. He took an interest in others' passions and was supportive of what they wanted to do in life. He also enjoyed sharing what he liked to do with others.

On Sept 11, 2009, please take a silent moment and reflect. Pray for those who perished, for those who were left behind, and to appreciate how lucky we are to have known friends, relatives, collegues, neighbors like Kevin and to have the blessings of what we have.

Life is a mircle. Kevin James Hannaford proves that statement is true.

Sometime today, September 11, 2009, take a few minutes and call your husband/wife and tell them that you love them; give your child an extra hug before you drop them at school; call your parents/grandparents just to say hi. These are simple acts that we let slip away from us. Do it for the ones you love; do it for yourself; do it in honor of the 2996 who left us to remember them as they were; most of all, take the time and just do it...

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