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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

What's Good for the Goose

It seems like anytime there is an organization that has been established for many years, and that organization is male only, some do gooding organization comes along to break the "barrier" to equality to admit women. So it must come as a shock that there are still 64 women's only colleges. The Board of Trustees for Wells College in Aurora, NY has voted to admit men in the Fall of 2005. Two female students of Wells have filed suit to keep the school women only.

You might be surprised to hear me admit this, but I say, more power to the women! If women choose to attend a single sex institution or organization, I say that is great. I respect their decision and agree with their right to keep the tradition alive. In the same light, I hope that the same respect will be shown to men's only organizations, such as the Boy Scouts, Augusta National Golf Club, and others.

What are your thoughts?

Boxer Saves the Day

Thank God we have the Hon. Barbara Boxer looking out for our needs! It seems that Sen. Boxer now believes that there is an issue with BCS College Football Championship process worrysome enought to direct a letter detailing her thoughts about the University of California football team's exclusion from the BCS this year.

Sen B. - Get a clue. Life is not always fair ... there can only be so many teams fighting for the National Championship. Since we do not have a playoff system, things will never work out to everyone's satisfaction.

I have an idea...why don't you focus on more pressing issues ... say the message your party takes to the electorate...

Merry Christmas Target

Many of you have probably heard about the fiasco surrounding the decision by Target, made earlier this year, to exclude any solicitors from approaching any guests patronizing Target Stores. This decision was made, in all likelyhood, with much thought about the consequences.

Target has been a good corporate citizen, donating many millions of $ each year to a variety of worthy causes. As a long term guest of Target, and yes, I enjoy shopping there, I have a suggestion for Target. Why doesn't Target make a donation to the Salvation Army in the amount of $10,000,000. This would offset any losses that the Salvation Army is reporting because they are not able to canvass in front of Target. It would also demonstrate that Target does care, about what its guests want (not to be bothered by a lot of people asking for money, signatures, etc while I am trying to shop), while caring for the less fortunate ...

If you agree with this, please send an email to guest.relations@target.com. Let them know that you would support a donation to the Salvation Army as a way to resolve this issue and move on to a more pleasant issue, like what the heck are we going to get our parents for Christmas this year?

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Salute to the Common Man

Russell Mahlenbrock died on Dec 3, 2004. Many people died that day. What makes Russell so special? Russell was a soldier in the US Army doing what he believed in. He laid down his life in a cause that he he so aptly thought described in the words of Toby Keith's song "American Soldier".

As a last wish, Russell wrote a letter to his fellow soldiers:

Dear 1st Squad,
If you’re reading this, then I’ve died for our country. I just hope it wasn’t for nothing.
After the IED went off yesterday, I wanted to write this in case something happens to me. There are a few more letters that I’d like you to give my wife and family.
I’d like to have a military funeral, but, if you can work please make sure that Toby Keith’s “American Soldier” is played at the ceremony in addition to the bagpipes. If they won’t let it happen, that’s ok, thanks for trying…...

The least that we can do for Russell is to try to get this song played across this great land of ours. His funeral is on 12/15/2004 at 1:00 pm. Call your local radio station, tell them about this true story and request that they play this song for Russell, for all our troops and their families. They need our love and support ... now and always.

Thank you for reading this.